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Johanesburg Photos

Getting very close to the elephants. Although we were hidden in the blind apparently they knew we were there.

The African market in Bulawayo. Sadly we didn't need anything.

Love those outdoor showers.

Luckily these elephants turned around and went the other way.

Our picturesque resort in the Matopos Hills

Bushmen grain storage bins. When sealed with clay the grain had a 50 year shelf life.

Bushmen cave art.

This cat saved us from a black mamba which was just around the corner according to our guide. They can attack and kill the deadly snake!

Did I already put a sunset in. I forget there have been so many.

Learning the hard way that you should not give candy to a bunch of kids. A riot nearly broke out and many of the smaller children were almost trampled all for a couple of hard candies.

This lady is the brewmaster of the sorghum based beer that we tried. Sort of a cottage brewery but definitely an acquired taste.

The amazing meal we had at one of the villagers' homes. Delicious!

We finally saw a hyena in Kruger National Park.

Bumping up the lion population.

Blyde River Canyon is the third largest in the world.