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Nata, Botswana Photos


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Hiking up the Jonkerhoek valley near Stellenbosch.

Our last B&B in the south. This place was awesome!

One final meal in the wine area.

Amira and Sia our Intrepid tour guides. Near our trusty truck.

Apparently warthogs have short front legs that bend when they are grazing.

A springbok in the wild.

The Karma Rhino Sanctuary has some of the last remaining white rhinos in Africa

It also has quite a few giraffes.

This Jackal sort of ignored the rhinos who were at the same drinking hole.

On the way to our bush camp on the Delta.

The water lilies were gorgeous.

Roja our poler. He was an amazing source of information.

We did a walking safari and saw zebra and wildebeest.

Toilet with a view. Bush camping on the Okavango Delta.

Catfish anyone?

The kids are just soooo cute.



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