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Pamukkale/Ephesus Photos

There are peppers drying everywhere!

This is not snow (thank goodness) but white calcite shelves overrunning with warm mineral water.

It was either this or Bev in a bikini. A no brainer.

The attraction of Pamukkale's white travertines have given it's neighbouring attraction, Hierapolis the budget to really create a beautiful space.

This sad looking playground emphasizes where the town fathers of Pamukkale place their priorities. (night clubs )

Picking up some Turkish Delight at the market. Heading your way Briac and Jayne.

It's hard not to take a cat home.

Finally, in Sirince, Bev found some authentique handicrafts. Far too expensive for our budget however.

My boot fits in here quite well.

Sad to think that this plastic bottle (not ours) will outlast these ruins.

The Roman library In Ephesus

The theatre. Ephesus is the largest archeological ruin in the western world and more than 82% of it remains undiscovered!

This is the proper way to make Turkish coffee.