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The Emerald Coast Photos


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Turkey's long haul buses are beautiful! Free wifi on some, comfortable seats, attendants and sometimes ice cream (rumours).

Bev taking in the ruins at Patara.

The Turks are doing a marvellous job of reconstructing this amphitheatre'

There are pomegranate orchards everywhere!

And so is the juice. Fantastic!

Bev dipping her toes in the Med.

The longest beach in Turkey and almost no one on it.

Making Goleme the amazingly delicious Turkish pancakes.

These attentive lifeguards were enjoying a glass of wine while actively (not) surveying the beach.

It doesn't get any better than this.

On the Lycian Way.

I used the zoom. These boats were actually much further away.

Lycian tombs near Dalayan.

Love that Turk-lish.

The boat ride down the river was super scenic.



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