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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Photos

Our hotel in Kota Bahru was so posh that the sultan had a parking spot there.

They still have cyclos in town. The guys that pedal them are as old as the bikes.

The food market in Kota Bharu is wonderful.

The chickens don't think so though.

Bev could easily fit into one of these lovely batik silk dresses.

The local women still wear traditional dress.

Our lunch cost $2.50 for the Malaysian buffet

and $12 for cake and coffee poolside.

My version of hell. Kuala Lumpur is full of these mega shopping malls. (KLCC)

And another version. Perhaps the thousands of cars that roll on these freeways have caused some of the pollution.

The Petronas towers. A Kuala Lumpur landmark.

China town is a little more downscale.

It was full of roadside food stalls.

The Islamic museum of art was beautiful but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.