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The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia Photos

Our resort in Kuantan. It's a different way to travel but we were able to adjust for a week or so.

There was really good dim sum for lunch.

The desserts weren't bad either.

The boat to the islands. Very bumpy!

This is the fancy bus we took north. 230 km in 41/2 hours. It's not exactly flying.

The Malaysian fishing boats are quite exotic.

Abdul's chalets. Our digs on the islands.

We found a resort on the island with a fabulous restaurant.

The little fishes love Bev.

The snorkelling is so good!

Kayaking. The best way to see the coral reefs and avoid being eaten by sharks.

One of the beautiful beaches near us.

And another. Imagine it snowed in Vancouver this weekend.

Another west facing beach so we could indulge in our favorite ritual. The sunset Campari and soda. With cashews.

Just another sunset. Sigh!