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Langkawi, Malaysia Photos

The Geen House Cafe in Trang is awesome.

Bev scarfing down a coconut waffle at the Trang night market.

The budget transfer to Koh Sukorn.

Biking on the island. Flat and small but I did almost run over a cobra . (Honestly)

The only place to shop on the island and Bev found it. (keeping the local economy going!)

Dried fish. For the natives only.

The shipworks on the island.

Cement for paving the roads. (It could take years)

Rice production.

Nice and cool for the water buffaloes.

Our table at the Sukorn Beach Bungalows.

Bulon Lae's beach.

A little piece of paradise on Koh Bulon Lai

The scary speedboat to Koh Lipe. Basically a fibreglass hull powered by 4 enormous outboard motors.

Lipe has become a little over subscribed.