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Le Chemin du Puy Photos


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Arrival at the Puy-en-Velay train station.

Official departure after the 7am Mass for the pilgrims.

We saw hundreds of crosses made from every possible material.

Also many churches and chapels. All of them very beautiful.

On the inside as well.

Lunch was usually a picnic of some sort on the trail. Easy to do with the fantastic weather we had.

We mad some good friends on the way.

There were marvelous statues in most villages.

Pretty but poisonous.

The scallop shell or Coquille St. Jacques is the emblem of the walk.

Fellow pilgrims crossing an ancient bridge.

We ate a local dish called Aligot at least four time. It's made with potatoes, fresh cheese and butter. Heavy but after 7 or 8 hours of hiking you can eat anything.

We stayed in some lovely guesthouses.

The cows were adorable.

Crossing the bridge out of Conques, one of the most beautiful villages in France



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