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Elections in Kenya Photos


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An internally displaced persons camp in the Rift Valley, between Nairobi and Naivasha.

Basically ever since I've been here, groups of (almost entirely) men have been gathering in downtown Nairobi to discuss politics.

There was a big push to get people to register as voters. The push often came from the political parties themselves because, of course, the more of their supporters who registered, the more voters they would have.

A voter registration centre in Mombasa. The registering happened in November and December.

What happened with during the nomination of candidates for the various parties. It did not go well and raised fears about even more chaos during the actual elections.

Election posters started to replace the more familiar ones for cures for all manner of ailments.

Some posters were giant. Raila came in second in the presidential elections.

Some people went really overboard. This car supports the party of the presidential winner, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Another way to attract voters. Why not mount tons of speakers on your van and drive around town blaring out propaganda?

The first polling station we visited, with Elsy standing by.

The lineup outside the polling station. These guys still needed to get in the gates to join yet more lineups before their actual voting room. They definitely would have waited hours.

More voters in line, this time at least inside the gates.

Lines at another polling station. This one was even more epic because it continued up on the second storey of the school.

The first step in the voting process: having your fingerprint scanned to compare with the electronic voter registration system. This was in a polling station where the computer was working, of course.

The next step: receive your six separate ballots.

Third step: mark down your choice.



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