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Lake Naivasha (including Mount Longonot and Hell's Gate National Park) Photos

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Our picnic area.

The Hell's Gate gorge.

More gorge.

Skinner gorge.

The green algae forms at hot springs. The water is actually heated from steam coming from Mount Longonot, and in some places is boiling. According to our guide, it's possible to boil eggs in the water. And I can attest that it's also possible to burn your toes!

Guides were mandatory, and this section shows why. Surprisingly, we all made it down without getting completely soaked.

I decided it was much easier to wander around without my sandals on. Also, it kind of reminded me of when I was a kid playing in the creek near our house. Very enjoyable!

Me and Tatiana in the boat on Lake Naivasha.

Tons of birds in a tree. The water level of the lake rose recently to unprecedented levels, which killed a bunch of the trees that used to be on the shore.

A pelican. They look pretty stupid when they try to fly.


More aww!

On Crescent Island we finally saw some wildebeests. They look kind of like old men with really long beards.

An adorable giraffe.

Laura and Amita really close to another giraffe.

Laura trying to get close to the zebra.

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