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Lake Naivasha (including Mount Longonot and Hell's Gate National Park) Photos


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The sign at the front of Dea's Gardens.

A view of the back of the house with more gardens.

Dinner time. Dea is at the head of the table on the right. Her daughter Lisa, who helps with the place, is on the left.

Mount Longonot. Somehow it doesn't look so bad from this angle.

Us at the start of the hike.

The view from the top of the crater. The vegetation inside is completely unlike the outside. The peak in this photo is the tallest bit of the mountain.

Tatiana climbing one of the steeper bits. They were far more terrifying coming down!

You can see the white path that travels along the ridges. It was pretty cool walking with drop-offs on both sides.

Me at the peak. The base where we started was 2146 metres.

A view off from the peak. You can see Lake Naivasha. The greenhouses are for flowers, which Kenya exports to Europe. Apparently most of the cut flowers in Europe come from here. The workers are pretty badly treated, but I'm guessing most people buying flowers don't think about that.

It was impossible to keep our feet clean!

Hell's Gate was about 10 minutes from Dea's Gardens, so Laura got to ride on her first matatu. Later in the trip, she counted 17 people in it!

This is one of the big rocks in Hell's Gate. According to Maasai legend, it's a young woman who was going off to marry a warrior in another village. She was told not to look back at her home, and, when she did, she was turned to stone. This particular rock is called Fisher's Tower after the German explorer who "discovered" the area in the 1800s.

Amita and Laura biking in Hell's Gate.

Me with zebras.

Is it just me or are harassing and feeding completely different things from the animal's point of view?



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