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On safari at Lake Nakuru and the Maasai Mara Photos

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Cheetah. We were actually much closer to another one, but it was lying on the ground and didn't look nearly so impressive.

Elephants. I'm pretty sure I didn't even zoom in; they were so close!

Somehow ostriches look almost human to me. Kind of like a ballet dancer with huge thighs and a giant tutu.

A gazelle-type-thing. There are three different types of gazelles, but I have to confess I never bothered to learn which is which.

A crocodile in the river between Kenya and Tanzania. Apparently they can lie still for weeks waiting for an animal that's stupid enough to come close.

A view of the Serengeti in Tanzania.

What a great place to stop for lunch!

Some Maasai women. We managed to not buy the stuff they were selling, although it was a bit of a challenge since they completely mobbed the van.

And a Maasai man with his cattle.

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