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Staff retreat (with animals!) Photos


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Me and a bunch of colleagues at the sign for the resort.

One of the "tents." It's rather nicer than what I'm used to from camping! The waterhole in a lot of the pictures is just opposite the tents!

My friend Anita looking very colonial.

The famous bed where the famous proposal apparently occurred. My head boss is George who is on the far left. The others are all colleagues having a bit too much fun.

Me on the equator (well almost!).

The "bush dinner" with live entertainment. George was much more entertaining than the guitar player!

The view of Mount Kenya.

A waterback, looking about as majestic as a waterback can.

This one is for you, Ron.

Cool birds!

Warthogs, strutting about.



Rhino, with a bird on his shoulder.

A mother and baby rhino posing nicely.

A vulture (which are huge!).



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