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Zanzibar and Dar Photos

The boat. Even getting on probably wasn't a great idea! Although I would like everyone to note that there are at least life jackets. Which we wore the whole time.

Our intrepid, albeit somewhat incompetent, crew. I'm pretty sure they're currently floating somewhere in the Indian Ocean after trying to get back to Pangani with that motor. Or maybe they're dead.

The sand island where we waited for the replacement propeller.

A great sight - Zanzibar! The motor was definitely dying at this point.

Our room in Stone Town.

The breakfast. The weird looking pot to the side was full of delicious coffee.

The view off our hotel's balcony.

Stone Town is famous for its carved doors, which are often even older than the buildings they're in.

Stone Town.

Also Stone Town.

Amita's favourite lunch place. It definitely had an amazing view.

Each evening the locals would gather along the pier. The young men did amazingly stupid flips off the pier, and everyone else watched them. I guess there isn't all that much to do in town!

There was also a market selling street food, including Zanzabari pizza. It is kind of like a crepe filled with delicious vegetables, cheese, and egg.

On the spice tour. I'm holding a coffee bean and pointing at a chocolate pod. The two best things on the tour!

The ferry to Dar. Rather fancier than the boat we took over!

A little taste of Canada, in Dar! I wonder if he know about the lockout?