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Pangani Photos

Our banda.

And inside it.

Me in the mangroves.

The price sign for the ferry over the Pangani river. I particularly like the charge for cattle. There are about 1500 Tanzanian shillings to the dollar, which may explain why there was a sad lack of cattle on the ferry!

The beach south of Pangani. Possibly the most impressive we saw.

A village near the beach. The village women weave all those walls.

A village house in the process of being built. The impressive scaffolding is then filled in with mud or mud bricks. You can see finished houses behind it.

I'm pretty sure the kids didn't succeed in dragging the boat out!

Fishermen at work.

Just to make everyone jealous!

The island where we stopped for lunch, after the tide started coming in, and it had shrunk quite considerably.

The awning that was set up for our lunch. This was when the tide was farther out, and the island was significantly bigger.