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Tanga and the Usambara Mountains Photos

This would be the famous Tanga clock.

And the German war cemetery.

Bustling downtown Tanga. Or not.

Our place in the Usambara Mountains.

I couldn't find any plants to decorate, so I had to use the bedpost. If you like the ornaments, check out MAD About Glass!

I guess the giraffe thinks it looks delicious?

Houses and fields in the Usambara Mountains.

We hiked up to an amazing viewpoint. You can see how quickly the mountains rise from the plains.

Our lunch on the hike. It was amazing. Everything was homemade, including the bread, the jam, the chutney, and the cheese!

I may have looked ridiculous, but at least I was somewhat dry!

Isn't he cute?

The rainforest. Tragically, it lived up to its reputation and rained rather a lot.

Amita under a giant fern tree. Isn't it cool?!

More Usambara houses.