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Tiwi and Diani Beach Photos

So technically this is in Mombasa on our way south. It is just such a weird sight!

The ferry that connects Mombasa to the south coast of Kenya. It's free for foot passengers and, obviously, very well used!

The outside of our cabin in Tiwi.

The inside.

The biggest problem with the place was the monkeys. They kept on trying to sneak into the place to steal our food!

Our prawn salad. Yum!

Looking out over the beach.

The beach at Tiwi.

People on the beach.

Diani Beach. I know, it looks very similar, but it honestly wasn't. You just have to look for the nuances!

Kinondo Kaya, the sacred forest. The rocks are all coral.

A colobus monkey in the sacred forest. They are very rare.

Amita on a tree swing. So much fun!

Me climbing the tree. Also fun! The guy to my left was our guide.