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Watamu Photos

Our room in Watamu. It even had AC!

The view from our deck.

The swimming pool right by our room.

Another pool, overlooking the ocean.

Chairs set up overlooking the ocean.

Italians in their natural element: speedos and bocce. For the record, speedos should be outlawed especially when the wearer has no intention of ever entering the water and most especially when they are white!


The view from the resort. Notice the beach boys mobbing the tourists. Still, the swim out to the island at high tide was lovely.

The same islands at low tide. As you can see, it was then possible to walk out to and around them, although this did make avoiding the beach boys much more difficult.

Me with the Indian Ocean in the background.

A view of the palace at the Gede ruins from up in a rather rickety treehouse.

More ruins at Gede.