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Last blog of 2012 Photos

This is a not very good picture of the greatest smelling flower (and bush) I've ever come across. The flowers are purple and white.

This type of flower (or vine or whatever it actually is) is very common. It comes in pink,

purple (including a darker version), and

red (although red is quite rare for some reason).

Flowering trees are also very common.

This is also a tree that I walk by everyday when I'm going to work.

Some flowers are very normal looking,

and some really aren't. I have no idea if this is actually a flower. It looks kind of sinister to me, like it's just waiting for the right thunder and lightning storm to come alive and crawl into someone's house where it will try to eat everyone. Or something.

My second favourite flower. I also pass it on my way to work, and it reminds me of a more colourful version of ones I saw near the beach when I was little.

And my favourite flower. It's just so orange!