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Town Photos

Right before you hit Town coming from where we live, there are two parks on either side of the main street. It was saved from being turned into a giant building by the Kenyan Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai in 1989-1990.

This is the same park, with views of Town.

Also right before you get into Town you have to go through this huge traffic circle. It's got about three lanes of traffic and never actually functions like a traffic circle. What it mostly seems to do is cause massive traffic jams (or, as they are known here, jams). The jams in Nairobi are epic. Last Friday it took me four hours to get home. With minimal traffic it takes about 20 minutes. It was not a good night!

This is one of the main streets, Kenyatta Ave. The tiny little stone building is reputedly the oldest building in Nairobi. You can also see the jam caused by the traffic circle.

We call this the Johnny Walker building, for obvious reasons. I have no idea what's actually in it, but it's great for figuring out where you are.

This is Kenyatta Ave. again. Same jam. And these were taken on a Saturday, so normally things are much worse.

This is a fairly typical street in Town. Notice the Java in the lower right corner of the picture. It's not quite as good as the one near us, but still has great coffee!

This is the Hilton, another important landmark.Because behind there is ...

The main bus stop for city busses. Or stage as they call it here.

This is the stage where we catch our bus to go home. It's just around the other side of the Hilton.

And this is just a bit farther down that street. There are a lot of travel circles!

The Masai Market, which is just to the right of the building in the previous picture. This is where you go to get souvenirs, although you have to bargain hard which (a) I'm terrible at and (b) I hate. Luckily Amita is much better.

The Supreme Court. It's actually a bit like the one in Ottawa in that the centre is empty. But instead of a badminton court, they just have a courtyard.

This is the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, which was opened in 1974 and had very innovative architecture at the time. It hasn't aged well.

Nakumatt is Kenya's big grocery store. It's pretty good, although rather intimidating. It has everything from food to alcohol to luggage to electronics to clothes to ovens, and a whole lot more. Needless to say I can never find what I'm looking for!

And another street. With another roundabout.