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Lake Naivasha Photos

The rooms were absolutely amazing. I had this one all to myself.

The view from my balcony. The cabin I was in looked exactly like the one across the way. I had one of the two upper suites.

Sadly I didn't bring my bathing suit, although I did at least get to sit on the edge with my legs in it.

The obligatory group photo. See, I was working! Although I am indeed not in the photo since I was taking it.

This is Lake Naivasha. It's about 400 metres from my cabin down a little path.

The path to the lake. The red things are sort of like a cattleguard but for ...

the world's greatest (and cutest) creatures! Yes, I have finally seen hippos in the wild!

This is the mom with one of her babies. They eat the grass that the resort collects after mowing their lawn. In the area there are another four babies and the dad, although they all stayed in the water when I was there.

So cool!

The Rift Valley is extremely fertile, so on the way back into Nairobi we stopped to buy vegetables. It's a classic case of way too much supply for the demand. Everyone who stops gets mobbed by the sellers. It's worth it, though, because everything is really cheap. I got 11 zucchinis, 10 green peppers, and about two and a half dozen tomatoes for under five dollars.