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Eldoret Photos

When we travel, we stay in pretty nice places. I had this room all to myself. The shower in the bathroom was also the first place in Kenya that I've seen that actually had both hot and cold water taps.

The person standing up is my boss Elsy giving a presentation before we started the survey.

The ICJ functions thanks to donor funding. This means it needs to report back to the donors to let them know that the money has been spent the way it was supposed to. To prove we actually went to Eldoret and met people, we therefore needed to take a group photo. Since the office cameras were being used by other people, I volunteered mine, which is why I'm not in the picture.

These are my colleagues at the ICJ. On the left is my boss Elsy who is really (and I mean really) addicted to coffee. Fortunately her family is from Eldoret, so she'd sussed out a really nice coffee shop for us to have breakfast at. Next to her is Paul who collects data and is one of the few non-lawyers a the ICJ. The next guy works at the coffee shop. And, finally, on the right is Anita who started work just after me and is the other person in our section.

My cappuccino. It was as delicious as it looks.

The best place in town. Eldoret is in my Lonely Planet, and I started fantasizing about this place as soon as I heard I was going. I've marked the coordinates on the map if anyone happens to be going to Eldoret.

Yes, it is indeed a cheese factory. Eldoret is well-known for it's dairy products. So, in other words, it's pretty close to paradise. This is Iain, who said that next time I come he'll give me tons of samples. They have about a dozen different types of cheese as well as milk and yogurt. I restrained myself and only got cheddar, tilster, and vanilla flavoured drinking yogurt.

This is Margaret who was the one actually buying the giant hunk of cheese Iain is holding in the previous picture. I had my camera out taking pictures of the yard, and she seemed really keen for me to also take her picture. Paul, in the background, is my colleague from the ICJ. He is often on his phone.