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Work Photos

The sign outside my work's gate. It's about a 10 minute walk from my house, which is extremely convenient.

The front of work. Yes, it did use to be a house.

Still in the front, the view towards the gate.

My office area (shared, obviously). It's called Siberia, both because it's as far from the entrance as possible and cold, although thankfully not as cold as my office last year (no need to wear a tuque!).

The backyard, where we eat lunch.

Another view of the backyard.

For $12 a month, we get catered lunches. They're the same every week. This is Wednesday's, my favourite: chapatis, green beans, and a beef stew. Monday and Thursday are rice, beans, and cabbage salad. Tueday and Friday are ugali (a sort of maize thing that ends up looking a bit like cream of wheat), sukuma (fried greens), and the stew. It's all very good.