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The neighbourhood Photos

This is taken just outside our house's gate looking up towards the main gate.

And this is the opposite direction, looking from the main gate down towards our house. Our house is on the right about 50 metres down. The big building in the background is not connected to our little area.

This is our area's sign, just outside the main gate.

Also just outside the main gate. Our road is under somewhat interminable (Chinese funded) construction. We think that they're adding a drainage ditch, but mostly what they seem to do is move piles of dirt around. This was taken on a Saturday, though, so they do work hard. I walk up the inclined street to get to work to avoid most of the dust.

Another view of our road. We think that where Amita is standing they are going to put in a sidewalk, possibly cobblestoned. No idea how long that will take!

The roundabout where our street (now paved!) connects with one heading into town. This is where we catch the bus to get downtown.

Farther up our street heading towards our neighbourhood's little shopping area. The roads tend to have shoulders where you can walk without too much trouble, although crossing the road still takes some nerves since there aren't any crosswalks. At least the cars don't go insanely fast for the most part.

Our shopping area. It's also gated. It's about a 15 minute walk from the house and has basically everything we need: vegetable shop, grocery store, butcher shop, pharmacies, and, crucially, a coffee shop.

The inside of the shopping area. The umbrellas all belong to the coffee shop, which has great chai and quite decent food. To the right is the vegetable shop where we go for more exotic fare (peppers, zucchini, eggplants). To the left is the general grocery store where you can get pretty much anything, including Kenyan peanut butter which I did buy but haven't tried yet.

This is just outside the gated shopping area. There are tons of fruit and vegetable sellers all around that we use to get local stuff. I think you're supposed to bargain, but the other day I got five bananas, a great mango, and a huge (and I really mean huge) avocado for about $1.30. It hardly seemed worth the effort!