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Home sweet home Photos

The view of our personal gate from the front door. The area outside, where the car is parked, is also within another gate with security guards.

View of our front door (to the right) from the gate.

The kitchen (or at least part of it). The stove is gas, but sadly the oven is missing its plug. I had to make bread in a pot last night! It did turn out remarkably well, given the circumstances.

The living room/dining room area, which looks onto the porch. The door is hellish to lock. Last night it took me about 20 minutes. Today it was under 10. An improvement I guess?

The porch.

A close-up of the laundry facilities. Sigh.

The back garden, which is behind the porch. It's pretty overgrown, but there is maize and pumpkins back there.

The bathroom I share with Amita upstairs. The shower is very frustrating. To get hot water you have to turn on the water-heater, but within about a minute you then have to turn it off to avoid being scalded. It's a rather complicated dance! Also, the water pressure is horrendous.

And, finally, my bedroom. It's nice and big and bright.

The view from my bedroom window.