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Amsterdam, Holland Photos

We had a great meal in this ferme auberge in Alscace. Plus we were able to spend the night in their parking lot.

Obernai a beautiful town on the wine road in Alsace.

We also did the Deutsch veinstrasse.

I'm never parking this close to a canal again!

The Dutch just love old things.

Luckily it rained so we could try out our new rain capes.

Biking along the coast. There are endless beaches and when the sun comes out they are full of Dutch sunbathers.

The view from our van window. We were actually below the level of the lake in this campground.

There are cute little bike ferries everywhere to get you across the canals.

Bike parking at the beach.

Only in Holland will you find sheep being herded through the campsite.

Those Dutch dogs are so spoiled. How do you like this one Daisy?

Bev finally got her appeltaart with slagroom.