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Pattaya, Thailand Photos

To finish off our trip we had a 2 hour massage at a real spa. At $25 dollars each it was expensive but well worth it.

We are going to miss those fruit shakes and fruit and yoghurt fruit plates.

They had some interesting displays at the night market.

Another way to get coffee. Man would I love to own this VW>

The food at the night market is awesome and very cheap.

Living in style again. The pool at our villa.

In between the condos Pattaya still has a fishing a small number of fishing boats.

Drying fish, squid, shrimp ect.

Looks like Chinatown.

This lady chopped and then deep fried vast amounts of garlic. The smell was awe inspiring.

There are many very ugly concrete condos mostly occupied by Russians. Careful what you say.

Vestiges of former beauty.