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Chiang Mai, Thailand Photos

The Boat Landing resort in Luang Namtha. A lovely place with a very interesting and frightening story behind it.

Picking up fish on the way on our mini bus ride.

Believe it or not this is a gas station!

This German family is travelling by bus and mini bus through China, Laos, Thailand and Mayaysia

Starting our bike trip.

They are still dredging the river after the fall floods.

A traditional Thai rural village house.

Religion gone berserk ! This was a small part of the buddhist temples found in this complex.

This is what you can do with a large and cheap labour force. Cutting the grass on the soccer field.

Love the garbage cans. They were everywhere.

This lady was lovely and a great cook too.

This is the way to relax after a hard days cycling - swimming pool and fresh passion fruit juice.