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Luang Namtha, Laos Photos

Beautiful ride but the book bag was heavy!

Drying river weed in the village. Eaten with a spicy chili sauce it really is quite good.

After a tough day on the river a Lao barbecue goes down very well.

Taking the kayaks upriver by boat.

There was so much ordnance dropped by the Americans during the Indochina secret war that they have had to find creative uses for it.

They consume a lot of Beer Lao in Mung Ngoi the backpackers' haven.

A real village blacksmith.

Love our Lao disposable tablecloth!

Our intrepid guide, Thon, and his girlfriend.

Just to show we can rough it up with the locals.

We managed to sneak into a school. Actually with the Liberal net zero plan it doesn't much differ from our own schools.

Luang Namtha has many weird Chinese made trucks.

Making rice noodles. They do it the same as us but they supply many villages on a daily basis.

Picking, boxing and packing watermelons headed for China

Akka traditional dress. This is a really a fake tourist picture. (thanks to the Italian tour group!)