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Luang Prabang, Laos Photos

Despite changes Vientiane still diplays vestiges of a rural life.

Drying galangha, an important ingredient in Lao cuisine.

Love that Asian English.

Hopefully these books found their way to a village school in the hills.

Our place at Khoune and Khone's.

The north has many beautiful waterfalls.

We go in style - no mini vans for us.

The average life expectancy in Laos is 57 years. I think smoke inhalation must kill many of them.

Ferry boat across the Mekong before our scary ride.

These water buffalo love to wallow in the mud on a hot day.

This is a real deal Lao hill tribe village. Kinda of looks like our bungalow but these people are truly poor.

What would the Workman's Compensation Board say Grant?

Bev loves the weaving in Luang Prabang

For our cooking class we went to the market first to stock up on ingredients.

Great cooking class. Only two of us and lots of helpers.