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Around The World Tour

Around The World Tour

Last Updated: May 5th, 2007

Sam, Greg, Tom and I are all taking a gap year before heading off to the pressures of University next year, we've planned a round trip to try and fit in a wide diversity of cultures in a number of continents.. We begin in Brazil, spending some time in Rio de Janeiro and heading South West through Angra dos Reis and Regiao dos lagos down to the Foz do Iguaçu, from there we intend to head north through Bolivia and Peru to our next flight from Lima to Cancun. We're stopping off for a slightly less cultural week in Cancun where we are doing Spring Break American style.


Following that we're going around New Zealand with the Kiwi experience, stoping off at different points on both the north and south islands on an extreme sports course. We're having a brief 2 week stay in Sydney, we're we'll just be taking in the aussie lifestyle, maybe enrolling in a Surf camp we've found.The final leg of our journey starts in Singapore, we'll be heading towards Bangkok stopping off at various points including Phuket.


This is just a quick summary of what we're doing, check back later for a more detailed account. We hope you enjoy our travels!


Kyle, Greg, Tom, Sam.

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