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Explanations & Airline Shenanigans

Written on: Tuesday January 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Tour

I've kindof done this whole journal thing the wrong way round, when I made my account I intended to fill it in as we went along, but as i've found out since that isn't always the easiest thing to do!

At any rate I plan to make amends now and just fill you in on everything we've done so far, we've still got 2 months left to go so once i've caught up i'll try and make the entries a little more regular!


Well the build up to our trip was a rather hectic affair in itself, after 7 months of anticipation we open the papers a week before we were due to leave and find out that a strike was to be held by the BA air crew on the day we were supposed to leave. It really was a bit of a killer, the next flight was a week later and would mean we had 3 weeks to power round South America.. which really wasnt enough time.

As it turned out we got lucky, the strikes were called off the night before, and we left our teary parents at the departures lounge headed for Rio.