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At the Copacabana..

Written on: Wednesday January 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Around The World Tour

Being our first stop I don't think we got as much out of Rio as we could have.. Although I still enjoyed the time we had there we didn't get much done.


We had our first 2 nights booked at the 'Sun Rio Hostel' and although it sounded pretty funky it was far from it. Tucked down a little back alley near Botafogo beach, the Sun Rio was more designed for older South Americans who fancied a jaunt out to Brazil for a bit of a fiesta. As none of us had ever slept in a Hostel before you can understand that we more more than a little shocked when upon entering we were presented with a more than portly middle aged man sleeping in his tighty whiteys on one of our cots. After I recovered we crept in and dropped our stuff, trying not to rouse the sleeping giant.


As it turned out Tavie and Charly - 2 girls we'd gone to school with - were also in Rio. We'd been in the hostel for about 5 minutes before we heard Charly shouting up the stairs at us! We spent the rest of the day with them, went out to Copacabana, had a few drinks in Ipanema and headed back to sleep off the jetlag.


The next day I was in the room when the Argentinian chap we were with came in, he actually turned out to be a genuinely nice man. His name was Ignacio and he was over from Argentina for a bit of 'R&R' he didn't speak a word of English so he helped me with my Spanish, correcting me here and there. Like I said, nice guy.


We did all the usual touristy stuff, saw the beaches (and got burnt), went up Sugarloaf, et cetera.. We didn't go up to see the Christ statue as we felt we got a good enough view from Sugarloaf. There were plenty of other things i wish i'd done though, there are Favela 'raves' you can attend - with an armed escort of course - where they take you to one of the favela clubs that City of God was filmed in, hangliding, and other things of that sort.


We'd enjoyed it, but it was a rather intense experience, the city is really bustling, the traffic is non stop and getting hastled by vendors and performers is pretty common, we felt we needed to move on.