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Mountains, countryside and a lot of Paoletti's

Written on: Wednesday March 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rome, Italy

Sunday morning Frankie, Tony, Heather and I got up a bit early to make our way through Abruzzo to meet the family. Once we got to the mountains we passed under a lot of bridges - the longest measuring 10km! After going through the mountains we decided to make a slight detour to St. Gabriel, a small village named after the saint of the Abruzzi region, to take some pictures and visit St. Gabriel's shrine and burial place. There were cars and tour buses everywhere though... and hundreds of people, all there to watch a parade to honour and reunite soldiers from an old militia called "Associazione Nazionale Alpini" or the Alpine Ones of Saint Lorenzo, who organize a festival every year.  Afterwards, we continued toward Teramo where nearby we arrived at the first Paoletti household belonging to Maria and Renalto. Maria makes high-end designer bags out of her home (which was huge), and when we arrived, Renalto was on his way back from dropping off an order. None of the people we met spoke any English so it made things interesting, but we were still able to communicate with them and share a delicious meal together! We never thought the food would end! After this amazing Italian feast we went to visit more family on another hilltop village, and then we drove 20 minutes to the coast where we got to walk along a beautiful beach (big hot spot for German tourists in the summer) and pick up seashells until dark. When we returned to Maria and Renalto's place we had another big meal and called it a day. We were spent but we waited until Renalto arrived home and then drove back to Rome.