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My First Couple Days in the Ancient City

Written on: Thursday March 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Rome, Italy

I left Rouen on Thursday just after French class, at around 2:00pm, taking the train to Gare Lazare in Paris. From there I had to take the metro to Gare du Nord, and catch another train to Beauvais, which is a small city actually closer to Rouen than to Paris and somewhat difficult to get to. At the train station there I waited a couple hours for a shuttle to the airport (which was very small as well but full of people taking Ryanair flights) and in an hour the cattle call began. For those of you who don't know, Ryanair is a very cheap airline offering flights all over Europe, so there are no assigned seats, and it gets pretty wild at boarding time. Anyway, my flight was only just over a couple hours, and I arrived safe and sound at Ciampino Airport outside Rome around midnight. Tony was there to pick me up, and after a half hour drive we were at his apartment. I slept in the next morning, and Tony came from work to get me at around noon, to bring me back to the embassy to meet his coworkers and show me around. His partner, Franko, was just celebrating 25 years on the RCMP so they had a BBQ for him. I was lucky to meet a lot of the other people working at the embassy, and I was even able to put in a good word for my boyfriend, Mark, who hopes to work there this summer. Afterwards we went to the Fiumicino Airport to pick up Tony's cousin, Frankie, who would be visiting for the weekend after a business trip in Germany. Both the plane and his luggage were late so by the time we got home through the rush hour traffic it was dinner, then the three of us met Franko at a nice Italian restaurant for a huge meal. The next day at noon we met my friend from school, Heather, at the main train station in Rome. Her and my friends Igor and Dan had arrived Friday night, and Nick was going to arrive later that afternoon. The boys had big plans to travel to the North of Italy, so Heather and I stayed in Rome with Tony and Frankie. That afternoon we walked all over the city. The weather was pleasant, and the sights were incredible. Rome is a very beautiful city, with such a fascinating history. A lot of things were similar to France though, but the city is literally covered in graffiti. And the driving is crazy - Frankie joked that Italians think their car ends after their steering wheel and it was true. It was neat that Tony could drive and park in places most cars couldn't though, because of his diplomat plates, so it made things easier. At the end of the day we went out for another great Italian dish and then went straight to bed, exhausted.  


From Bryan Rite on Mar 1st, 2007

wow, great photos!

From Servo on Dec 21st, 2015

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