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Second day in the city of love

Written on: Thursday January 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Paris, France

Sunday morning all of us girls were showered, dressed and ready to go, right on time at 10:00am. The boys? room wasn't moving quite as quickly though, so we told them they had better be ready to leave by the time we grabbed some breakfast nearby. Lucky for them they kept their word, so we started our day from there. We walked through Paris all the way to Sacre Coeur, a beautiful church situated high on a hill that overlooked the entire city. What a spectacular view! Oh, and on the way Stephanie, Heather and I all bought French scarves... EVERYONE wears scarves here - everywhere, and at all times. Anyway, after a silent tour inside the church (which of course I couldn't take pictures of, unfortunately) we eventually made our way over to Moulin Rouge. We're thinking about seeing a show some day but it is very expensive. From there we took the metro back to the Arc de Triomphe because Pedro missed it the night before, and because we wanted to see it in the daylight of course. We walked the same route over to Palais de Chaillot which was a perfect place to look out onto the Eiffel Tower. After taking plenty of pictures and having something to eat (while constantly being nagged by guys trying to sell tourist stuff, might I add) some very dark clouds started to roll in. Anyone who has been to Paris can tell you that when it rains - it REALLY rains. Within minutes it was pouring so we took shelter under a little hut in a park. That pretty much ended our day at around 4:00pm... Steph and I headed back to the hotel while the others saw a few more attractions. When everyone returned back we went for a nice dinner, and because we weren't as tired that night we thought we could stay up at the hotel, but 'lucky me' I came down with food poisoning and was done for the night just after getting back from eating. That wasn't fun at all. Checkout was at 11:00am the next morning so we took the metro to the train station, and waited around for the 2:30pm train. The train was very full, and we made a couple stops on the way this time, but once we did get back, we couldn't wait to be back at Ango and have some much anticipated alone time. Very fun trip however, and this weekend we're doing it all over again but in Amsterdam. Can't wait!


From Babs on Jan 26th, 2007

Hey Kelsey, small world! This website is great! I'm sooo happy for your amazing adventures; I can't wait to explore Europe more this spring!! all the best to you, get back to Powassan alright! =)