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The longest day EVER

Written on: Tuesday January 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: London, England

Friday morning rolled around after only a few hours of sleep... which was still one hour later than when I had planned to wake up. Frantically, I told the front desk to call a cab while I got all my luggage together. I had hoped to take the underground to Waterloo station but there was no time. I arrived at 6:15am, just 15 minutes before my train was set to leave. After going through security I hopped on the train, only to realize it was the wrong car. I had just enough time to switch and then the whistle blew. The next little while is sort of foggy - I don't exactly remember when we were going through the ?chunnel? - but we did! My first impression of France was barren land, loads of security and police wearing camouflage and carrying huge guns. I was one of the only ones there but I'm sure they felt pretty important. After an hour or so I took the train from Calais to Lille Europe, which seemed to be a bit busier. Things really started to go wrong when I checked in, and was told that my next train wasn't leaving from that station, but another one just across the bridge. 'No big deal' I thought, because there didn't seem to be many stairs and my ticket said my train wasn't leaving for at least a couple hours. Very wrong. As I pulled in, hungry, tired and out of breath I saw my train leave from the platform. My only other option was to wait almost two hours for a train to Amiens, and then transfer to Rouen after yet another wait. I was so tired on the train but I didn't want to sleep in case I missed my stop. I've never felt so sick for so long in my life, but you'll be happy to know I did eventually make it to Rouen - only 6 hours later than I had planned at 6:30pm.  I quickly found a cab and said 'Pavillon Ango' just like I was told, and was soon moved in and ready to start my next big adventure.


From Melissa Toupin Laforge on Jan 10th, 2007

Well Kelsey, after all that excitment, I'm happy to know that you are now in Rouen safe. "Getting there" is always more difficult than we anticipate & the first time is always the most stressing. Enjoy you this new experience and keep me posted. Best regards, Melissa