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The sun is shining

Written on: Monday January 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: London, England

My second day in London, January 4, I woke up at around noon to the sun beaming through my window and 3 or 4 men telling me to get out of bed because they had to put on a new mattress. I figured it was about time I started my day anyway though so I got ready and took the underground back to Westminister, where I had left off the day before. I took some more pictures of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then walked through St James's Park to Buckingham Palace. Everything was absolutely beautiful, and it all made me wonder how I would ever be able to leave the next morning. I continued my journey along Hyde Park to Speaker's Corner (where of course there were no speakers, because it wasn't Sunday) and then took Oxford and Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus. By this time I had been walking for the better part of the afternoon, so although I had planned on doing some shopping instead I opted to visit one tourist boutique and take the underground back to the hostel. Back at St Christopher's Village there wasn't a whole lot happening, but the bar was still busy with the regular locals looking for friendly foreigners and a cheap brew. Cheapest brews around actually at just 2 pounds a pint. After I grabbed a bite I met up with my friends from the night before as Linus had promised to bring us to a reggae club, but unfortunately it was closed so we just went back to Belushi's and spent the rest of the night there. I had everything ready for my early train ride the next morning but nothing could have really prepared me for the horrors I would be facing the next day.   


From Megan Lusk on Jan 8th, 2007

Kelso your trip sounds so exciting! Hope all is well! I loved the pictures! Have fun

From Matty B on Jan 8th, 2007

AHHHHHH This is FANTASTIC. You are amazing. The pictures are excellent! Keep up the journals!