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My first day abroad

Written on: Sunday January 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: London, England

After arriving at the airport, I took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and then caught a cab over to my hostel, St. Christopher's Village. On the way I couldn't help but be impressed by all the beautiful buildings and monuments, so as soon as the driver realized I was a tourist he played tour guide the rest of the way. The hostel was in the middle of historic London - an ideal location for those traveling by foot, like me. After locking my luggage in storage in the basement I quickly headed out to explore some of the city. Walking down Borough High Street I soon stumbled upon the gorgeous Southwark Cathedral. I decided to walk around to get a closer look but it was a bad idea - because I realized I was lost not long afterwards. I guess my map wasn't as accurate as I had hoped. A few blocks and a few stops for directions later, freezing in the rainy London weather, I was back at the hostel and somewhat discouraged. I logged onto a computer in the lobby, and thankfully noticed a brochure for a 3.5 hour free walking tour  that covered a lot of the places I wanted to visit, and the meeting place was only a short distance from my hostel. At 11:00am I met the group at The Monument and we began our very long but thoroughly entertaining tour of the main historic sites of Central London. We saw Tower Bridge to Big Ben and everything in between. After 4 hours the tour concluded near Parliament, where I then took the underground back to London Bridge. Cold and exhausted I showered and then headed to Belushi's downstairs for food. Little did I know it was karaoke night and the fun was only just beginning... 


From Bryan Rite on Jan 7th, 2007

Some beautiful photos of the London bridge, can't wait to see more!