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My last few days in Italy

Written on: Monday April 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Rome, Italy

Monday morning Heather and I decided to do some touring on our own, and make our way into the city centre by ourselves. Using a map online we decided the easiest way to get there, but it actually ended up being quite difficult. We walked to a station nearest Tony's appartment, which was actually a regional train. There was very poor signage, and I tried using a phrasebook to ask someone where we could buy tickets but it was hopeless. So, there was nowhere to buy tickets, it didn't look like anyone had change or passes of any sort ready as they got on, so we decided to follow suit and just hopped on a train. We sucessfully made it to Tuscolana where we were supposed to switch onto a metro which would take us the rest of the way in, but there was no metro in sight. We were basically in the middle of nowhere, and way off the map. We picked a direction and luckily after quite a bit of walking found ourselves back on it. We walked until dinnertime and then without charged cellphone batteries and unable to use the Italian payphones we walked to Termini and took a cab back to the apartment. We told everyone about our confusion trying to get downtown and they all thought it was quite entertaining, and were also suprised we didn't get fined for taking the train without paying. Oops... but we would know better for next time. The next day Tony dropped us off in Vatican City. We went inside the Vatican, and saw the Treasury museum and the Sistine Chapel. Afterwards we walked back along the river to the Colliseum where we had a guided tour inside. Everything was very fascinating, just like everything else in Rome it seems. We were picked up at the end of the day as well (just to be safe) and Heather and I made Tony a huge meal before calling it a night. The boys had made it back into Rome that night, and Igor and Dan would be leaving early Wednesday morning while Nick was taking an evening flight with us. We were in contact with Nick and decided he should meet us at Tony's to hang out with us for the day on Wednesday and then get a ride to the airport with us.  It took Nick FOREVER to get there... but upon his arrival we realised it was because the cabs were on strike, so he had to find his way there all on his own. We walked a ways and took the metro he had come on, to do some shopping before we had to leave for the airport. Later on, we made it to the airport and said our thank-yous and goodbyes to Tony and then took off back to Beauvais. Thankfully we had arranged a ride home with Afide (who works at Cafe Ango but has a side job of driving us to and from Beauvais) which made things MUCH easier. Once we were back to the rainy real world we had to buckle down for school... always the worst part of any trip.


From David Weiskopf on May 27th, 2007

Hey Kelsey, sounds like it was a sweet trip! and a good workout with all the walking ;)