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Playa Hermosa

Written on: Sunday March 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Costa Rica - 2007

We decided that after the clouds of Arenal we needed one more beach day. After a quick stop at a German bakery for a delicious but surprisingly large breakfast and a souvenir shop for a few things, including a native pig (pecarry) tooth voodoo spear (just to make US customs more fun) we raced back to the coast (challenging the speed limit at times).

We managed to make it back to Playa Hermosa (30 minutes west of Liberia) in time to get a bit of sun. We used the very last of our Colones to buy dinner at a local restuarant...no meat on a stick for Darren unfortunately. Darren did get a few more sunset shots (even a great one of nuns on the beach).

The next morning we packed up our belongings (including our new spear) and headed to the airport. Shockingly the car rental guys were not there to meet us as promised. We left the keys with the airport security guard and flew home to Vancouver (with a few hours in Houston for some shopping). Oh and the spear made it past customs uneventfully - even though I almost hit the Canadian customs officer in the head with it!


From Alan Stremel on Mar 19th, 2007

This trip looked amazing. I love the videos!

From Dana on Mar 20th, 2007

oh I have been to these exact places!!! only 2 years ago now. Did you go to the hot springs at arenal? i miss it there. hope your trip was great.