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Written on: Saturday August 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Just a quick entry, as I am on a time limit at the airport. Perth was amazing - a really beautiful city. We had a tour around the city on Friday night, and then went into Perth city centre for some shopping on Saturday morning. Then we met up with the medical students from Perth, and went to Kings Park, which was amazing - we walked over a walkway in the treetops, and got a great view of the city. We also were amazed by the whispering wall - a curved wall, where one person sits at one end and another sits at the other, and you can hear what they are saying, even when just talking normally!

After Kings Park, we went to Fremantle for dinner, which was also really nice. Fremantle is a separate city, but still classed as being part of Perth. It was a really nice place, and we went to a brewery for dinner, called 'Little Creatures', which served amazing food in an original setting.

We got a lift to the airport for 11pm, and then hung around waiting to board. Very brief synopsis there, but enough to give you an idea!!