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Last day in Broome (until Friday!)

Written on: Monday August 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After relishing a long lie-in, we packed up our belongings so that we could move our stuff through to the main part of the house. Karen was expecting a new guest, so we needed to get all our stuff out of the separate B&B part for cleaning etc. We were left breakfast while she went for a doctor's appointment, and on her return, we drove into town for another wander around the shops.

The sun was intensely hot, and bore down on our exposed skin, so we took refuge down Shady Lane, stopping at a small cafe there for juice. The bus stop was just at the other end of the lane, so we waited there until the bus arrived, and then hopped on to head to Cable Beach once again. The buses in Broome are privately owned, and all tickets are $3, no matter where you want to go, which can work out to be very expensive! They do run on time though, which makes up for the price, and they are comfortable, with friendly drivers.

We got to the beach at around 1, and got our usual combo of 2 sunloungers, and an umbrella, all for $25. It would get expensive if you wanted to stay in Broome for a while, as hiring sunloungers etc definitely hikes up the amount you spend. It was worth it though, purely for the comfort and the use of the sunscreen and water that you are entitled to if you are a customer.

We stayed at the beach for 3 hours altogether, working on our tans (as usual, mine is pretty much non-existent) and reading, while listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline, and the seagulls (think 'Finding Nemo'!) squawking at each other, fighting over scraps of food. We got picked up again at 4, and headed back to Happy Tata's for a genuine Aussie barbeque.

The bus was at 7:30pm, so Karen dropped us off a little bit early and we arranged times to meet on Friday - she is very kindly letting us leave our luggage at hers for the day, and then taking us to the airport. Absolute star! The bus was fairly empty, but cold and uncomfortable, so we were relieved when we arrived back in Derby and could get off, and back to our beds. Both exhausted after a long weekend, we collapsed into bed for the night at half past ten.



From Si on Aug 14th, 2007

NOT LONG TO GO NOW!!! I hath purchased some rather swanky ff related merch that I wish to show ye upon your return :) Si

From Kim on Aug 15th, 2007

Hehehe excellent! Look forward to seeing it! Last day in Derby tomorrow - woohoo!! Only 4 days to go! :)