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Written on: Sunday August 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After the previous night's antics, we were pretty tired, and got ready slowly, leaving the Kimberley Klub at probably about half nine or later. We wandered down to the market again, where there were some different stalls, but nothing that exciting. We had already decided we needed to have a very lazy day, and so after ambling slowly around some of the shops, we caught the bus to Cable Beach.

We had already arranged to meet up with Karen again, the lady who own's Happy Tata's B&B where we stayed the first night. She was going to pick us up at 4pm, and take us back to her house for a curry, which we were looking forward to. The beach was fairly quiet, and we stayed a few hours before heading up to Zander's to meet Karen.

Once we got picked up, we regaled Karen with tales of what had happened at the Kimberley Klub the night before, and she was horrified. In fact, she was so horrified, that she refused to let us stay there again, and drove us back to pick up our stuff, insisting that we stay at her house for free. We were so grateful for her kindness, and so relieved that we wouldn't have to spend another night at the hostel. When you consider that she normally charges $80 for a night at her B&B, to let us stay for free was so generous of her, and we won't ever forget how fantastic she was to us.

The curry was amazing, as usual. Karen's husband, Steve, is the chef for curries (Karen won't let anyone else in the kitchen at any other time!), and he makes them hot, but they're great! We had chapattis, and mini poppadums with mango chutney, and a whole plate piled high with delicious curry. Fantastic! We were definitely well fed that night, and we got a much better night's sleep too.


From Wendz on Oct 25th, 2015

Good discussion of a poliitcally difficult subject. Libertarians advocate letting people kill themselves if they choose self-destructive behavior. Good society advocates want government to help prevent such outcomes by criminalizing the use and trade of harmful recreational drugs. Politicians are caught in the middle as they try to satisfy the majority of voters, many of whom see it as a moral issue and not just a societal issue. Libertarian politicians are particularly caught in a dilemma. Reforming human nature is a fool's errand. We need to take human nature into account as we organize our society for maximum liberty and rules that minimize societal stress which is why the ten commandments are so popular and would have been invented as civilization advanced without Moses's claims that they came from his god.