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Broome Cup

Written on: Saturday August 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After a good night's rest, Sophie and I made an effort to get up early and hit the markets in town before the races. It was a good half an hour walk from Kristie's house to the market, but we took our time, and enjoyed the nice weather. The market was bustling with people when we arrived, and we had a good look around to see if there was anything worth buying. I won't say what I bought, as that will spoil the surprise, but I did make some purchases!

The next stop had to be breakfast, so we crossed over to the Aarli bar again. It was absolutely heaving with people who had all had the same idea as us - a nice, hearty breakfast before the races. It must have taken us almost an hour to get our food served up, but it was worth it, and we ate well before deciding it was about time to head back.

We had intended to go with Kristie and her partner, Bryan, to the races, probably catching the bus, but when I phoned Kristie, she had already left for a friend's house. This left us a bit stuck, as we had no idea where the bus stop was, and how we would get there. Once we got back to Kristie's, we phoned a couple of cab companies to see if we could book a taxi, expecting them all to be fully booked, but we were in luck and managed to book one for half past one.

We got ready speedily, and made our way to the place we'd arranged to be picked up. We both wore dresses, to fit in with the crowd, and we were quite excited about the possibility of winning big (a girl can hope, right?). The queue to get in was pretty big, but moving quickly, and soon we were inside the race course, wandering around and scoping out the best place to buy a drink. 

We placed our first bet after observing the horses that were about to race. A couple of them looked a bit skittish, and full of energy, so we bet each way on those, and they came in first and second for us - fantastic! That was our last stroke of luck though, and we didn't win anything else for the rest of the day unfortunately, but we still had a good time drinking Strongbow, and laughing at some of the extravagant outfits that people were wearing. 

At about half past 4, the big race began - the Cup. We had placed a couple of bets, but again, no luck, so we cried off and decided it was hometime. We didn't fancy forking out for a taxi again, so went down to Cable Beach and walked along the sand instead. The sunset was spectacular again, and I finally managed to get some nice, artistic shots. On the menu tonight, was deep violet tinged with lavender, and garnished with a dash of apricot to finish, all served up over a bed of crashing aquamarine waves. I was pleased that the colours showed up on the pictures, as normally the photographs come out so dull compared to the real thing. As we walked, we dodged the jelly fish that were scattered all over the beach like chocolate chips in cookie dough. The tide had washed them all up earlier, and we were careful not to tread on their pulsating bodies.

It took us over an hour to walk the length of the beach, and then we caught the bus to Matso's for dinner. Finishing the night with a drink at The Mangrove Hotel, we headed back at around 9pm to get to the Kimberley Klub, the hostel we were staying at. The dorm was a 10 bed mixed dorm, which we weren't happy about, given that we'd booked for a single sex dorm. The main problems occurred when everyone arrived back that night though, and we had to endure several hours of loud noises coming from the dorm next door - not pleasant. When we finally fell asleep, it was a restless night, with people constantly getting up to go to the toilet, and snoring etc etc. Not looking forward to another night there!


From Dad on Aug 13th, 2007

See you've inherited your grandads skill at picking the wrong horses!!!