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Weekend away!

Written on: Friday August 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

As you've probably gathered by my increasingly sparse entries, we've pretty much done everything there is to do in Derby, and spend most of the time just lazing around and trying to kill time. Luckily, the weekends have been better as we've been able to head out of Derby and make the most of our time in Australia. Like last weekend, the plan for this weekend was to go to Broome, which is a really nice place and offers far more than Derby!

We left at 11am Friday morning, and made good time, reaching Broome by 1pm. We had a hospital car to take down again, which is always great as it saves us a lot of money. Basically, the hospital own so many cars, and occasionally people will need to fly from Broome, so they have to take their car down there and leave it. If this happens, if anyone is in Broome, they can pick the car up and drive it back to Derby. Then if a car needs to go down to Broome, the same applies - we can pick up the keys and drop it off wherever the 'owner' wants to pick it up from, usually the airport. It works well for us, and means that we get a government car for the weekend so that we can get around with much more ease.

We spent the afternoon wandering around town, as the last few times we've been to Broome, we've only really spent time on the beach. There's an absolutely amazing shop called 'Ganada', which sells official Aboriginal goods, and I managed to spend a fair bit of money in there on gifts. I bet you're all looking forward to seeing what I'm bringing back for you, right? Laden with a massive bag after making my purchases in Ganada, I was getting hungry, and so were the rest of the group, so we made our way to a bar called 'Henry's' for lunch. It wasn't bad food, and not too expensive comparitively, so we were happy.

Refuelled, we hit the rest of the shops, browsing through art galleries (amazing pictures, but sky-high prices), souvenir shops, and tourist information bureaus (finding out about camel rides). As always in seaside towns, some of the gifts are pretty tacky, but we managed to pick up some interesting things as well, and I hope you'll all be impressed!

Once we'd shopped to our hearts' content, we decided to go to the beach (quelle surprise!). The temperature was dropping by this point, as it can get quite cool in Broome on a night (and in Derby, actually), so we grabbed jumpers as we left the car. We made a cheeky stop at Zanders for some expensive cocktails ($14!) and we sat for a while, sipping our drinks, and admiring the sunset again.

The sunset this week was a completely different story to last week. The sun was ablaze, forming a giant red ball in the sky. The colours in play were beyond description, and certainly beyond the reach of my camera. After taking a few unsuccessful photographs, I gave up, and settled down to watch instead. The clouds were swimming across the sun, creating a rippled effect which was awesome. Once again, the reflection across the sea was beautiful, fading out of the view as the sun dropped. All the reds and purples came together in a burst of colour, making the whole thing spectacular to see. Yet another amazing sunset on Cable Beach.

The general consensus had been that we didn't really feel up to another big Broome night out, so we decided to test out one of Broome's older attractions - Sun Pictures. Sun Pictures is an open air cinema, built in 1916 by pearling master Ted Hunter. The picture garden is mostly still original, and you can choose to sit on deckchairs undercover or under the stars. It's really impressive, and has a really 'old' feel about it that makes it even more special. We went to the six-thirty showing of Shrek 3, and it was hilarious. We all had a really good time, and I would definitely recommend the film to anyone. There was a moment of fear, and then amazement, as an extremely low-flying Qantas jet roared over our heads, shaking the palm trees, and drowning out the film, but we soon realised that the picture house was just next door to the airport and the plane was only landing!

The rest of the night was spent chilling out at Kristie's house, who put us up once again, bless her. As a thank you, we bought some cheese, crackers, and wine, which were quickly devoured on her arrival from work at 10:30pm. We went to bed just after midnight, as we were planning to get up early to check out the Saturday markets, and hopefully get some more great bargains.