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Final day of Croc Fest

Written on: Thursday August 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Thursday was the last day that we were helping out at Croc Fest, and we were fortunate enough to get an extra fifteen minutes in bed, as the stall was already set up so we only needed to turn up. It was more of the same, with hoards of children swarming through all the sessions, keeping us on our toes.

The heat was getting unbearable, even in the shade, as it is barrelling towards the wet season here, which is the hottest time of year. On top of that, the Croc Fest T-shirts were made of fairly thick material, so we were burning up a lot of the time. Not the most pleasant of atmospheres, but keeping ourselves busy made it easier to cope.

There were a couple of interesting sessions, particularly the last one that I taught, which involved a young girl telling me that her five year old sister smoked, and that her older, pregnant sister, regularly smoked dope. What do you say to that?! Bizarre! Anyway, the day dragged a little bit, and we were glad to finish and get packed up.

The afternoon was spent in preparation for our evening plans - Mexican night! We stocked up on tortilla wraps, salsa, and Mexican beans in excitement, really looking forward to a night of good food. I made a chilli at around 5pm, leaving it to simmer for a while, and being so adventurous as to put a couple of tablespoons of cocoa into the mix. It actually tasted quite good, which I was surprised about, but I had been advised that it would enhance the flavour, so figured it was worth a go.

We laid on a fantastic spread over at house 4, with corn chips and guacamole to start, followed by a feast of fajitas, chilli and nachos. The four of us (Sophie and me, Erin, and Jason) ate like kings that night, and drank a cask of wine between us, making it a good night, and we were all exhausted, but happy, by the time we went our separate ways for the night. Heading to Broome in the morning, so another early start, but it will be good - it's the Broome cup this weekend, so hopefully we'll be quids in on Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed for us!