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Return to Derby

Written on: Sunday August 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Disappointingly, we had to leave Broome very early on Sunday morning, as Erin and Jason had arranged to go camping up at Windjana Gorge with a group of medical students they knew. It was decided that, to make the most of their time at the gorge, we would have to leave Broome at 7am, so begrudgingly, we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to the car for the drive home.

We arrived back in Derby at 9am, and unloaded the car. We were wracking our brains to come up with ideas for the day, desperately trying to avoid another day of boredom, but it was proving difficult. Sophie decided to pass some time baking, and a wonderful aroma filled the house, but it didn't kill much time, and we were back to square one again.

Just when we'd resigned ourselves to another dull day in Derby, Jason dropped the keys round for the car that we'd driven back from Broome, and said that we could use it if we wanted. Our spirits lifted, as we realised that a whole new set of possibilities had opened up to us!

First things first, we made a trip out to Woolworths, to pick up things that had previously been deduced to be too heavy or bulky to carry home. It was an interesting experience, as the car was an automatic, and I literally had to will my left leg not to move. I don't think I've ever concentrated on driving so much in my life! 

Our next stop was the Derby Visitor's Centre, to get some tips on where we could venture out to. According to the very helpful lady on the desk, without a 4 wheel drive, we were limited to one place only - the May River. Before making our decision, we went out to the jetty for lunch and a drink. The tide was out, which was a new experience for us, as every time we've been there, the water has been quite high. We decided over lunch that it was definitely possible to find our way to the May River, and so we set off out to the Gibb River Road to start our journey.

It took around half an hour to get out to the May River, and when we arrived, there were several families who had had the same idea. They were picnicking by the edge of the water - a dangerous pastime, I observed, given that there were warning signs everywhere about crocodiles! We stayed well clear from the edge of the river, but had a good wander around and took it all in. We probably stayed about an hour at the most, and then tried to head back home, but we had another obstacle to overcome before we could leave - the car would not reverse out from where I'd parked it. The more I tried, the deeper it dug itself into the sand, which I had badly misjudged as being harder than it was. We got some help from the others there, and managed to get it out of the little ditch I'd dug for myself. Embarrassed, we mumbled our thanks, and sped off home!  That was the end of our adventuring for the day.