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Broome by day

Written on: Saturday August 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

I woke up fairly early, as is usually the case after a night of drinking, but I didn't feel hungover, which was a blessing! I pottered around for a while, and used Christie's computer to update previous entries, which was great, and very kind of her to let me use her internet.

At around 11, we got a lift into town with Christie, and got dropped off at the market. We had a quick scout around, to see what sorts of things were on offer there, but didn't make any purchases as we were too hungry to think about shopping. We met up with Erin, and went over the road to the Aarli bar for a full English! It was just what I needed, and I felt a lot more awake after my stomach was full.

We had a look around some of the shops in Chinatown, and picked out things to buy next week when we're back in Broome. We went to pick up an umbrella from one of Anna's friends, and then hit the beach for the afternoon.

Cable Beach is absolutely stunning. Clear blue waters, meeting pale, white sand. It is a typical holiday destination, and so full of tourists, but it is amazing, and far, far better than spending time in Derby! We hung around at the beach for a good couple of hours, waiting for the main event - sunset. A group of local students came down to meet everyone, and played touch rugby on the sand (we chose not to participate after having devoured a giant slice of cake about five minutes previously!), which looked like fun.

When the sun began it's descent, everyone on the beach took up seats, and gazed at the sky. It was absolutely breathtaking. The blend of colours reflecting across the shimmering water, the sand darkening as the light dimmed, the blaze of the sun as it dropped highlighting the returning pearl luggers - it all made for a perfect picture. It was all very slow for a while, but as the sun grew closer to the horizon, it quickly fell beneath the sea, out of our view.  It was fantastic to see how many people had gathered at the beach to see this event, and really showed just how incredible it was.

It was time to leave the beach, and head back to get ready for another night out. We returned to the Aarli bar for dinner, and I made the mistake of trying to be adventurous and ordering prawns, which sounded delicious on the menu. However, I wasn't counting on them arriving with their heads still on, and I balked at the idea of having to peel them. It would have been fine if I'd had Martyn there with me - my very own seafood connoisseur! He would have deftly shelled them, sparing me the grim task of breaking off the heads and legs, but that was wishful thinking. I recounted my attempts over the phone instead, to be met with a thoroughly amused Martyn, tickled by my ineptitude! It even got me laughing at myself, which lifted my mood considerably.

Once we left the restaurant, we headed back to the bar from the previous night, Pearler's. A band were playing that had been there the night before, and the set hadn't changed, so we quickly got bored and headed home. We'd had our big night on Friday, and couldn't face another. We got a good night's rest, in preparation for the early start in the morning to drive back to Derby.