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That Friday feeling!

Written on: Friday August 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

I woke up feeling absolutely drained after last night's restlessness. It was an early start, for an 8am meeting about the impending 'Croc Festival', happening next week. We have been invited to get involved, and so attended the meeting to discover what we will be doing and which days we need to be there etc. I was tired and not really concentrating much, so I only picked up snippets, but it sounded good all the same.

Once we left the meeting, that was our day over - we had no more planned activities for the day, and it was due to be another lazy one. We stopped off at Diamonds and Pearls for our routine daily juice (although Sophie has moved on to ice mochas now for a change!), then headed back to the house for an afternoon of just lazing around, reading and sitting out in the sun. I have given up on the idea of a tan now, as my skin is stubbornly remaining pale, and no amount of sunbaking could change that in the time left! The afternoon gave me time to gather my thoughts, while I packed for the weekend away in Broome, which I was looking forward to.

We were picked up at 5pm, by a friend of Erin's, who is also a medical student down at Perth. I don't know if I've actually explained this before, but Erin and Jason, who live in house 4, are med students from UWA in Perth. They are on a rural medicine placement here for 4 weeks, so they leave the day before us. All the medical students have been sticking together, so they've been good friends to us in our time here! Anyway, Jason had already gone the day before with Duncan, but he'd arranged for Anna to pick us up on her way to Broome, which was fantastic and saved us a lot of money. 

As we travelled along the highway, we admired the beautiful sunset, and stopped to take some pictures before the light disappeared. The sunset over the bush leant itself to fantastic views, with striking silhouettes of majestic boab trees dominating the picture. The background of fiery red sky, edged by burnt orange, fading into deep blue and then the blackness of the night was just fantastic, and once again, was somewhat injusticed by the photos we took. So many things are indescribable, and pictures do not show how beautiful they really are, which is a real shame. I always wish that Martyn was there with me to share the view, as I know he would appreciate it as much as I do!

We finally arrived in Broome just after 7pm, and got dropped off at Christie's house where we were kindly offered a bed. Christie is a nursing student from Notre Dame University in Broome, and we met her up in Derby while she was on a placement. She'd said that we could stay whenever we wanted, which was very generous of her, and an absolute life-saver, as getting accommodation this time of year in Broome can prove difficult. 

We had a mad rush to get ready, as unbeknown to us, a big night out was planned. We met some of the other Perth medical students at a restaurant called Matso's, and were going to eat there, but a serious lack in tables and chairs thwarted our plans, so 5 of us (me, Sophie, Duncan, Ralph and Fraser) left to find somewhere else to eat. Ralph and Fraser had flown up to meet Duncan, which he was pleased about. Ralph is another medical student from Newcastle, and Fraser is Duncan's brother.

We wandered for a while, attempting to eat at the famous noodlefish (no grammar lapse on my part there), but the kitchen had already closed, so the search continued. We finally wound up at Pearler's bar, which seemed to be the only place with a still-functioning kitchen. The food was alright anyway, and we hung around afterwards for a few drinks. Unfortunately, after all the sun exposure that day, I wasn't feeling very well, and after being threatened by some Australian guy for accidentally bumping into him, I was seriously fed up. It took a lot of persuading, and copious amounts of water, but I managed to stay out, and made it to the next bar - the Oasis bar. 

As we first entered, it was clear that some kind of competition was taking place up on the stage. The 'Miss Roebuck Bay 2007' competition was at it's finale, and we were subjected to inanely grinning females, strutting around, parading their goods. Once that was over, the DJ kicked off his set, and things began to improve. The bar was entirely outdoors, with outdoor heaters scattered about the courtyard, and a sheltered bar. I was freezing! Standing next to a heater proved to be pointless, but if we stood near the bar it wasn't so bad, as the chilly breeze was blocked by the building.

We were cajoled into drinking Bundaberg rum and coke, which came readily packaged in a glass bottle. It wasn't the most pleasant drink I've ever tasted, but it became palatable after a couple, and almost nice towards the end. We had a good dance at the Oasis bar, before it closed at 2am. I thought this would be the end of the night, but this was not so. The next stop was 'The Bungalow'; the only place in Broome to stay open past 2am.

The crowd was familiar, and we danced some more, eventually hanging up our party shoes at half past 3 in the morning, and catching a taxi back home. We were pretty tired, but had had a great night that had flown by, and kept my mind off things, which I was grateful for. We did worry that the guys wouldn't make it home, as they were completely mortal, but we were sure they could look after themselves, and we wanted to get to bed, and were glad to get back and get to sleep.